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Blogging 101


Alas, my blog has arrived… I have longed to post, post, post.  But, lo, I am weary from the crash course. Does anyone out there know what I’m talking about?

I’d like to thank my good friend, Laura, for all of her bloggy knowledge. Though you do not see yourself as a bloggy genius, you shall forever be dubbed my bloggy mentor! What a great honor!

My story just wasn’t complete with one person missing from the pic.. And now, as if it couldn’t get any better….my husband, Joe, has granted me permission to post a pic… though he has warned me that my post will likely get over a million hits! 😉

Here it is…..


Joe with Sophie, Christmas 2008  2007 OOPS!(yea…we need some recent pics)

So, this is how to get some blog traffic?  Thanks, honey! 😉



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  insertgracehere wrote @

Hey honey….thanks soooo much… but fyi- I’m the only comment on this post! 😉

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