Insert Grace Here…

…finding grace to help in the time of need…

My Life of Grace

I began my journey of following Christ nearly 31 years ago when I was saved at the age of eight.  I’m still  a thirty-something….but just barely.  

Amazing Grace!   There really is no better way to describe it.  It was His grace that saved me and His grace that has carried me throughout my journey. 

I had my first daughter, Cammie, when I was 21 (insert grace here) six weeks before her father and I married.  Two and a half years later, my second daughter, Courtney, was born.  When they were just six and three, their father and I divorced.  Grace took on a new definition.  Sure, I had needed grace during my teen years… and okay, those years just after (oh, and before…) but divorce was not something that was supposed to happen to me.  But His grace was sufficient.

Cammie is almost 18 now and Courtney is 15.  I have been married for the past ten years to the most wonderful, patient (and good-looking 😉 ) man.  Joe is not only my very best friend (next to Jesus only… but don’t tell my best girlfriends that), but he is a wonderful step-father and father.  He is “Joedaddy” to Cammie and Courtney as well as their friends and our neices and nephews. 

We have a 19 month old daughter, Sophie, who is the product of the awesome power and grace of God and a tubal-reversal I had in Chapel Hill, North Carolina December of 2005.  I was pregnant with Sophie just ten days after surgery.  Divine intervention!

I’ve gained a stubborn dependence on God’s grace throughout the years.  I am nothing without Him.  I think that we, as Christians, so often see the need for grace primarily in the bigger areas of what we call sin.  But God’s Word is a …discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).  Woe to me!

In a house full of estrogen, I my husband we need grace.  When my teen is driving, she needs (WE NEED) grace.  In today’s world where we are surrounded with a culture where anything goes- WE NEED GRACE!  Romans 5:20:  But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. 




  Leslie wrote @

Inspiring words. Great pic of you and the
girls!!!!!!! Love ya girl

  Laura wrote @

Yay you did it! You have a blog… I love your first post, your title, your cutie cute pic, and your sweet description of God’s grace in your life.

I’m a Believer!

  gingerrwade wrote @

So NannyGIRL is out there… so proud! LOVE the whole blog! Couldn’t have said it better. On laptop 4 now…details later. ILU,g

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